Taurus is from Zunyi, Guizhou Province, and its business mainly revolves around rope climbing, covering various fields such as customized tourism, extreme sports, quality education, nature science research and aerial work training, and is an important force in building industry standards in the aerial work and aerial sports industry.
Under the direct involvement and guidance of Professor Xin Xiangyang, XXY Innovation has been cooperating with Taurus  since December 2017, formulating mission vision, strategic objectives and implementation path, business planning and product definition, brand promotion text and visual specifications, channel selection suggestions, activity planning and experience optimisation suggestions, team collaboration and execution management tools and other related contents for Topaz.
Based on the successful cooperation, on March 3, 2019, XXY Innovation and Taurus . formally entered into a strategic partnership and issued a joint statement. XXY Innovation will continue to provide Toplux with a full range of consulting services from strategic planning, organizational management, product definition to user experience optimization in the long term.
Connecting people and nature with ropes.
Seeing the world differently from above
"Watching him carry his old father, who had long since fallen asleep, up the cliff, step by step, I believed in my heart that it could be done and was worth doing. -- Huang Fei, Founder and Chairman of Tarus

In the first encounter with the team from Guizhou, what impressed the XXY Innovation team most was not the spectacular natural scenery, nor the skilled and friendly rope climbing instructors, but the story rooted in the bones of the team, as told by the founder Huang Fei
Connecting people and nature with a rope
Like other outdoor enthusiasts, roping his way across the mountains has long been an addiction that Huang Fei cannot give up. When something becomes a hobby, there is no need for more reasons to keep doing it, but Huang Fei has given a new meaning to his obsession with 'rope climbing'.
In the mountains of Guizhou, villager Lao Zhou (a pseudonym) mobilised his entire family and relatives, and it took him two days to discover the traces of his father's fall down a 100-metre sinkhole. But in the eyes of the villagers, going down to the bottom of the pit was a capital 'impossible', not to mention having to save people from coming up.
As time passed, in Lao Zhou's heart, his father's life had long since been written down from a million question marks to a full stop.
"Even if you take a look, your heart is also solid ah ......" to see the body of professional rope equipment Huang Fei and his party to play to this, Lao Zhou heart seems to have rekindled hope, he intends to use these ropes, to pick up his father home. But this request, with nearly ten years of outdoor rope climbing experience Huang Fei heart drum: a person without any professional rope training, really can complete this task?
After some discussion, the group of explorers gave the go-ahead for this unprecedented plan.
With a wealth of experience, Huang Fei and his companions spent a full day in advance completing the technically specialised steps of surveying the field, stepping on lines and setting up systems to ensure that the ropes were securely fastened to the various devices. Meanwhile, it took Lao Zhou less than an hour to master the most basic ascent and descent manoeuvres, which surprised Huang Fei somewhat.
The next day, following this rope built into the 'road to heaven', the still rusty movement of Lao Zhou, protected by various unnamed instruments, followed Huang Fei smoothly to the bottom of the pit and successfully carried his father out.
This reunion of father and son, which only spanned a hundred metres, was too far and too long in the world of Lao Zhou, an ordinary villager ...... and Huang Fei never imagined that his 'plaything' could give such great power to an ordinary man; nor did he realise that a rope could actually bridge the insurmountable gap between human society and the natural world He also never realised that a rope could build a bridge over the insurmountable gap between human society and the natural world. Through Lao Zhou, Huang Fei saw another world on this rope, and also saw the future 'pathfinder'.
"Watching him carry his old father, who had long since fallen asleep, up the rope step by step from the bottom of the cliff, I believed from the bottom of my heart that this could be done and was worth doing.
XXY Innovation has always been based on the idea that the long-term development of a company is driven by the greater needs of society. The idea of using ropes to give more energy to more people, the original idea of Topaz, is the same as that of XXY.
Based on such a common understanding, within a short period of 5 months, XXY Innovation used the most advanced design concepts and methods to help the start-up company develop a medium and long-term strategic planning report for the next 3 to 5 years, and in the course of the project, it successively submitted a mission and vision statement, branding strategies and specifications, target groups and market analysis, product planning and service In the course of the project, the company submitted its mission and vision, branding strategy and specification, target group and market analysis, product planning and service optimization, visual identity system, etc. This strategic report, which was later regarded as the "constitution of Taurus", has not only become the basis for decision-making by the senior management of Tuolus, but also become the implementation standard for the work of the Tuolus team at all levels, from management to service, from R&D to product promotion.
The 'big wisdom' in top-level design
Between the four (DIKW model) of data, information, knowledge and wisdom, in a sense, if the concept of 'knowledge' describes 'mastering competencies (knowing how to do it)', then 'wisdom' describes 'knowing how to use competencies wisely to create value (knowing why to do it)'.
In this sense, companies that once continued to build high walls in an environment of information asymmetry have now been turned upside down by technology-based companies that stand at the top of the wave. Technology-based businesses are those that have the knowledge to know 'how' to better cater to consumers. Being smart means 'doing the right thing', meaning that companies not only know how to meet people's needs, but also know what will move human society in a good direction and what will have a bad effect on people today and in the future.
Bill Gates once said, 'The leaders of society in the 21st century will be those who can empower others.' The Microsoft company he built has led the way into the information age, and has made a significant mark in the history of human society. Not only that, but the Gates Foundation continues to do more of the 'right things' under an even greater mission.
"To make everyone feel different and joyful in the process of exploring nature and challenging themselves, to rediscover themselves and become qualified citizens of the earth". -- Tatus's Corporate Mission
XXY Innovation hopes to help every company understand the power of wisdom and tap into this power for long-term development. In today's context, around the "Rope Climbing" activity, Topaz will fulfill its mission in more fields including tourism, education, sports, industry, training and scientific research, helping more people to grow physically and mentally, to develop knowledge and skills, and to be inspired and guided by social and ecological values.
Today, driven by the mission to grow rapidly, Tarus has gone beyond Guizhou and into many provinces and cities, including Guangdong and Hainan; cultivated unique outdoor tourism products and unique research and education products, conveying sustainable ecological values in an experience full of surprises; promoted "rope climbing" activities as a sport to sports colleges and universities, so that more people know this sport; entered the industrial field, using A perfect technical system to regulate work at height and guarantee the personal safety of workers at height; joint training with fire and armed police departments for special tasks and exchange of professional rope skills; cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Geosciences and relevant universities to help natural geography researchers master relevant mountain activity skills ......
Strategy on the ground: Solving corporate management pain points with advanced design thinking
To most employees, the mission and vision of a company is something that the leaders need to think about and has nothing to do with their own work.
The XXY Innovation team used the theoretical models and tools accumulated by Professor Xin Xiangyang over the years in the fields of interaction design, experience design, service design, integrated innovation and strategic design to help the team to decompose the mission and vision of the company and clarify the development goals for each of the six business lines. In the medium to long-term time span of 3 to 5 years, each business line was decomposed into objectives and strategic path planning, and finally returned to the overall mission and vision of Tarus. The final result not only allows the top and middle level decision makers and managers to clarify the corporate development objectives at each stage, but also allows the middle and lower level managers and executives to understand the relationship between their personal work and the corporate strategic objectives.
In order to ensure that the strategy is executable and the objectives are traceable, in the strategic planning report submitted for Topaz, XXY Innovation team not only decomposed the strategic objectives such as mission and vision, but also defined in detail the target group of Topaz from the perspective of values and lifestyle, matching each step of the strategic path with the corresponding target market; and for the different stages of strategic development The product range includes travel and education products for different levels of the market.
The process of taking an experience from 'satisfying' to 'surprising' is not about adding value to products and services, but rather making them more meaningful. Under this philosophy, a photo framed in a room, a story told by an instructor, a small part of an activity ...... can become a touchpoint with special meaning for the user, a memorable storyline that triggers the user to actively tell others about the travel experience.
Different people have different life experiences, which leads them to form different values and lifestyles, and to have different expectations for their future state of life. Based on Professor Xin Xiangyang's research results on lifestyle design, the XXY Innovation team has built a target group portrait for Tarus from the perspective of values and lifestyles, which on the one hand allows Tuolus' various gradations of products to be precisely targeted to the target market; on the other hand, it allows the product and service teams to quickly plan or customise products and services according to the value demands of different groups of people. Services.
Based on the expectations, processes and impacts (EPI model of experience), XXY Innovation also submitted branding specifications, channel selection recommendations, visual identity system, product manuals, event planning plans, experience touchpoint optimization recommendations, experience optimization progress management tools and other related content to the Topaz team.
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