1. Industry development has been very mature: whether in terms of technology application or styling design, the air conditioning industry has matured and the industry chain is complete, and the technology-driven influence in air conditioning development has gradually decreased, with no revolutionary core technological breakthroughs in the field of air conditioning in recent times. In this trend air conditioning development is gradually shifting towards marketing strategies, supply chain transformation and price competition.

2. Product service system design has become a new trend in the future: companies are becoming aware of air standards, purchasing experience, intelligent factories, customisation platforms to establish and other product service system level design. In the case of difficult breakthroughs in technology and design, product service system design has become a power point for enterprises.

3. Multi-functional and multi-scene expansion design needs to be further developed: air conditioning industrial design is developing from exterior modeling design to multi-functional and multi-scene, therefore, the future scope of air conditioning design innovation needs to be further expanded from product design to new function design, innovative structure design, scene experience design and service design.

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